Monday, February 27, 2017

Hi all, it's me again!  I really am going to live up to my word and start postingg again!  I promise!

Lots of things have been going on here, let me tell you!  I HAVE A NEW GRANDSON!  His name is Gage Damien, and he was born on the 12th of February.  My daughter had a really had time with her pregnancy.  She's 37 and this was her first (and she says only) baby.  She's tiny, so it was pretty rough on her because she got very very big.  Torn muscles, etc.  Over 24 hours labor and she still had a c-section.  But after all that, baby Gage was born.  She and her husband and I are over the moon!    I'll get photos up soon.  Lately, when I haven't been working I've been at her house...and then running home to do what needs to be done.  All in all, it's been quite hectic!

Anonymous posted a question about how I manage working and housework, etc., and I thought I'd answer it here.  First, let me tell you, working full time and taking care of a house and family full-time is not easy.  I've been there when my children were young.  I found, though, that the only way to try to manage it was a routine.  Find the things that absolutely MUST be done every day, write them down, and get in the habit of doing them.  Then when you have some extra time, do the other things.  But be easy on yourself, too.  If you have small children and a full-time job, it will be difficult to have a spotless house unless you have some help.

Right now, because of my Lupus, I only work part-time.  I recently got promoted to shift supervisor, so that is a few more hours.  I don't have small children at home.  I have my better half and my adult son who has moved home due to his personal situation.  But I do have pets...lots of pets!  LOL! (All but one inherited from the three children...but that's another story...<G>)  Three large dogs, and three cats.

The only way I survive is to have a schedule.  I also "prep cook" a lot.  I'll chop a week's worth of onions, celery, etc., and put them in glass jars and put them in the fridge.  Anything  I can partly cook or cook ahead I do.  I am also the "Crock Pot Queen" and the "Queen of the Timed Bake Feature" of my oven!  I do dinner before I leave for work and it goes in the Crock Pot or the oven.  Otherwise, unless they fix it themselves, they won't eat.  I'm too tired after being on my feet at work to come home and cook!

Well, speaking of cooking ahead, I'm off to get tonight's dinner in the crock pot!


Monday, January 23, 2017

It's Only Been A Year...LOL!

It's only been a year since I last posted, and I should apologize for that before I go any further.  I don't know when I started putting off posting until "tomorrow" but unfortunately, I did.  Here's hoping I'm going to do better on that this time.

We aren't doing the "rationing" itself right at the moment.  My friend Donna (at and I are in 1942.  The war has just started and we are slowly working our way into things.  Trying to set up budgets, meal planning and household routines as they were in 1942.

This is not just a history experience, but a social and cultural one as well.  Living a simpler life can take some getting used to.  I'll admit it's an ongoing process, a learning curve if you will.  Mine is made a bit more challenging because my adult son is still living with me and does not want to participate.  That's OK, I'm learning to "work around him."

What kinds of things do you all do to live a simpler life?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I'm Baaack!

Hi all, I didn't intend to take an over two month hiatus from my blog.  Life just seemed to keep throwing things at me.  I think I have a handle on them now though.  The shingles are slowing down, not gone, but slowing down.  I know they are a virus, but I can't help but think that stress isn't good for me, especially with the Lupus.

Just to prove this, I'm working on my dress today!  Yay!  It's the time of year to get a couple of house dresses done and ready for the spring.  I want a vintage wardrobe, and this will be the way to get it.

I also want to make this a year of "Use Up What I Have."  So, for every thing I buy new material for, I am making myself make something out of the "stash" of material I have already.  I'm also trying to make as much for myself as I can.  I want to continue to control what chemicals I use and how much I have to spend.  Yes, finances are tight, but it's not just for that.  I ENJOY it, and it gives meaning to everyday things.  Plus, it's better to have things made with good workmanship than things that fall apart, you throw away, and buy new.  What a waste of resources!

I hope everyone's new year is going fabulously!  I encourage you all to go stop by my friend Donna's blog  She always has such wonderful info, and I've learned so much from her.

Hugs to you all!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

This is my latest sewing project.  I had planned on making a 1940's repro pattern robe.  But I didn't have enough material to do it.  So, since I need a decent housedress, this will be what I will do.

I intend to extend the sleeves a bit though, at least a few inches.  I also realize I need to get myself a nice cardigan for the winter.  So, off to Saver's or Deseret Industries I will go.  Surely there will be a decent cardi available one of these places without me having to pay full price?  If not, well...Old Navy?

It's getting a bit chilly here, fall is finally arriving.  I tend to keep the thermostat down in the winter, hence my discussing things like cardigans.  Ideally, I could find one with 3/4 sleeves.  Yeah, right...  I'd love to have one so I didn't have to alway be pushing my sleeves up or taking it off all the time.  What I want and what I find, however...

What projects is everyone else working on?

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hello everyone, I'm still alive!  I ended up with bronchitis for a while and didn't feel like doing much of anything.  Then I'm back to work and we are busy, so I'm way, way behind and I apologize.

It's finally starting to feel like Fall out here!  The leaves are starting to turn, but we've still had unseasonably warm weather.  I don't know if the weather is like this everywhere, but here in Utah it's just plain weird anymore.  Hardly any snow in the valley very often - although not shoveling or driving in snow is always good.  I really do wish we had a little more though.

I'm planning on copying a pattern I have for a 1940's robe.  I have some lovely oriental brocade fabric that I want to use for it.  It should be fun.  I need a new robe.  The one I have is very old and I've noticed holes...sigh.  It wasn't very expensive or of very good quality so I'm surprised it's lasted as long as it has to be honest.  Time to upgrade!

Tomorrow is haircut day!  Yay!  Since I've gotten it cut this way, the one thing I've noticed is that I have to keep up on my haircuts.  If it gets too long it really doesn't look very good.  I supposed I could get a crimper and crimp it like grandma used to, but I'm happy with it this way.

Well, off to start supper!  I just thought I'd check in so people didn't think I'd dropped off the face of the earth!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Me & Grandma

This picture sums up my Grandma and me.  We were always close.  I still miss her so much.

I was one and we were visiting.  The pictures still have a good ways to go, but I am making such progress.  I am still sick though and I think maybe I'm trying to do a little too much, so I'm trying to be better at being good.  (Does that make sense?)

Stew is supper tonight since it won't take too much fussing with.  Hope everyone is OK!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm really sick with what I am not sure if is the flu or a cold.  So I'm being useful and organizes some old photos.

This is is my Grandma, Elsie...and the watering can.  It was probably Mommy with the camera.  Gotta love it!